ANA Sky Holiday X Telecom Square WiFi egg discount!

Enjoy a valuable discount of purchasing any ANA Sky Holiday "Packages" , "Recommended Packages" or "Promotion Package".

Lowest Price Promotion ! From $24/Day up

Book for 5 days or more, free 2 days! (Apply for the products below)
Discount period: From now to 31 Dec 2017 (Counting from the package purchasing day)
(Discount applies for all Sky Holiday customers, including customer who purchased and depart after 1 Jan 2017)
Promotion of 4 Japan WiFi product
Device Name Area Down/Upload
Battery Lasting
Promotion Price HKD(e.g.5D)
"Unlimited + Wide Area"
(can watch local TV channel
in Japan)
All area
(Country side included)
Down: 185
Up: 37.5
10 10 $70/Day $210/5Day
= $42/Day
"Wide Area Type" All area
(Country side included)
Down: 150
Up: 50
14 14 $60/Day $180/5Day
= $36/Day
"Unlimited Type"
Shopping, Sight Seeing,
Indoor, Free powerbank included
All area
(Country side not included)
Down: 165
Up: 37.5
6 14 $40/Day $120/5Day
= $24/Day
"Smart Type"
Business trip, Group trip
All popular area Down: 112.5
Up: 37.5
21 10 $80/Day $240/5Day
= $48/Day
Lowest Price Promotion Booking flow
Please make the reservation for Telecom Square Japan Pocket WiFi by below link
  1. Click "Order Now" on the right top of the website / Select the device and click "Order Now"
  2. Insert a WiFi discount code in the promotion code box which shown on the Sky Holiday voucher: ana2017
  3. Complete the reservation form
  4. Please input the Sky Holiday No. in the remark of Step 3. Promotion can not be enjoyed if there is any information missed.
* This service is provided by Telecom Square HK Ltd., and the rental agreement for each device is made between the passenger and Telecom Square HK Ltd.
* It provides service, collection and management of personal data by Telecom Square HK Ltd.
* As for personal information protection, follow the policy of Telecom Square HK Ltd.
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