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Q1: Can I change the origin or destination of my flight?

A: Once booking is confirmed, it is not permitted to change the origin or destination of your flights.

Q2: Can I cancel my reserved package?

A: Yes. The following charges apply in the event of cancellation prior to the departure:

Days prior to departure Penalty
14 days or more 20% of Package or Hotel Accommodation price*
7 to 13 days 50% of Package or Hotel Accommodation price*
0 to 6 days 100% of Package or Hotel Accommodation price*

*Package or Hotel Accommodation price refers to the price after deducting all applicable charges, fees and taxes

*All applicable charges, fees and taxes will be fully refunded

Refund process will complete within 30 days. It will be credited to your credit card when the time you purchased the package.

Q3: Can I add an infant to my booking?

A: Yes, you may add an infant to your booking.
Infants are guests who aged below 2 (subjected to the departure date). If an Infant who does not occupy a seat and will be held on an adult’s lap, he/she is required to purchase an infant fare ticket. If an infant has to seat independently, he/she is required to buy a child fare ticket instead.

Q4: Can I transfer my booking to another person?

A: Sorry, the person cannot take over the reservation because we do not accept anyone from transferring his/her booking to another person.

Q5: How should I input the passenger name in my booking?

A: You must ensure that the passenger’s first name and surname for whom you are making a booking exactly match his/her passport that will be used to travel.

Q6: Is it possible for me to make transaction through a third party credit card?

A: Yes, you can make transaction through a third party credit card as long as you prepare the following required documents of the card holder:
a) A photocopy of the front side of the credit card.
b) A photocopy of the card holder’s passport.
(Please present the following documents at the check-in counter on your departure date)

Q7: Can I choose my preferred seat for an existing booking online?

A: Yes, please input your preferred seat type (e.g. window seat or aisle seat) in your booking. We will arrange your seat according to your preference if the seat type is available.

Q8: Is it possible to purchase ANA Sky Holiday package if I am traveling on my own?

A: Yes, we do accept single travel packages.

Q9: Is it possible to request an upgrade to Business Class? How?

Yes, you can request an upgrade to Business Class at your booking stages with additional charge.

Q10: Can I purchase air tickets only?

A: No, please access to ANA SKY WEB (http://www.ana.co.jp/asw/wws/hk/e/) if you wish to purchase air tickets only.

Q11: Can I purchase accommodation only?

A: Yes.

Q12: If I am allergic to particular food, is it possible to request an inflight special meal?

A: Surely Yes! Please remark your special meal request on the reservation page.
For more details of our special meals, please refer to: http://www.ana.co.jp/wws/hk/e/asw_common/departure/inflight/spmeal/

Q13: Is it possible to choose my preferred start date at the booked hotel?

A: Yes, you can choose your preferred start date. However, only consecutive nights stay will be accepted.

Q14: Is it possible to register for ANA Sky Holiday’s member if I do not have an email address?

A: No, a valid email address is needed to receive notification emails which allow us to notify our members in terms of any booking status changes.

Q15: What does “Profile” mean under the “Member” button?

A: Inside the “Profile” page, customers can check all the recent activities history and change personal profile/background images.

Q16: What does “Notifications” mean under the  “Member” button?

A: Notifications will be sent to remind our members that they have pending unread messages.

Q17: What does “Messages” mean under the “Member” button?

A: This is a communication platform between us and our valued members. Messages will be sent via the message box when there are changes/updates regarding your reservation. Members can reply the message via the Message box in order to complete the reservation as well as contacting us if you have any inquiry of our travel package.

Q18: What does “My Booking” mean under the “Member” button?

A: When a customer successfully completed a booking, all the booking details can be found inside “My Booking”. Status of the booking (e.g. Pending/Paid/Completed) will be shown at the bottom of the booking details page. Customers may also check all the booking history inside “My Booking”.

Q19: What leads to unsuccessful login attempts?

A: 3 possible reasons that may lead to failed login attempts:

  1. Wrong User Name (Please ensure the Caps lock key is disabled)
  2. Wrong Password (Please ensure the Caps lock key is disabled)
  3. Wrong answers to the security calculating question (Please input your answer in digit format)

Q20: What if I forgot my username? Will I still be able to login?

A: Yes. Even if you forgot the password, it is still possible to retrieve your password by using your registered email address.

Q21: What do I do if I forgot my password?

A: If you’ve forgotten your password, please send us an email with your username stated (by using your registered email address). We will reset and send you a new password. Please reset your password upon successful login.

Q22: Why is my IP blocked after 3 failed login attempts?

A: Regarding our system’s mechanism behind, since each customer’s member account may contain personal info, our back end system has been set to be very case-sensitive and secure which prevents anyone who tries to hack our customers’ personal info. Therefore, if a customer attempted unsuccessful login for more than 3 times, his/her IP will be immediately blocked.

Q23: How are usernames used on our website?

A: Username is part of your public profile, it will be required for logging in; it will also be shown if you submitted any blog articles. The author name will be shown exactly as your username.

Q24: Can I change my username?

A: Unfortunately, we do not allow username changes but you may change your nickname and password at any time.