Luxury Hotel x ANA Business Class 3 Days 2 Nights Package

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ANA business class with luxury hotel - ANA Sky Holiday

ANA Sky Holiday offers travel package with ANA business class and 3D2N luxury hotel in Tokyo/Osaka. Enjoy a delightful vacation in Japan with a choice from 5 star hotels of the Peninsula, Ritz Carlton and many more.

Travel in style with an ANA Business Class package

  Don’t settle for anything less than the ANA Business Class for your upcoming trip to Japan. ANA Sky Holiday only has two exclusive 3-Days-2-Nights packages with the ANA Business Class and luxury hotel inclusion.

  The difference of flying in ANA Business Class

  The flight from Hong Kong to Osaka is around five hours long and it will feel even shorter, and more delightful when you opt to book the ANA Business Class package from the ANA Sky Holiday website.

  By flying in the ANA Business Class you get to enjoy your flight on lie-flat seats that provide you with extra comfort. Each of the ANA Business Class seats are spacious and pass as small private cabins, allowing for an undisturbed sleep throughout the flight.

  Each passenger will be given pillows and blankets together with a grooming kit for the ultimate in-flight relaxation experience.

  It also goes without saying that ANA Business Class clients will be served better meals than economy flyers.

  Furthermore, each ANA Business Class seat comes with its own basic entertainment system and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to match.

  All of these are luxuries you can indulge in when you book an ANA Business Class package through the official ANA Sky Holiday website.

  Level up with luxurious accommodation

  You’re flying in to Japan on ANA Business Class so you might as well keep the standards of your trip high by booking your 2-night stay at one of the luxury hotels in your destination of choice.

  Whether you’ve selected the ANA Business Class package for Osaka (3-Days-2-Nights) or the Tokyo (3-Days-2-Nights) package, you can rest assured that each of the luxury hotels listed on the ANA Sky Holiday website have been carefully curated and will live up to your every expectation.

  With an ANA Business Class package, you are entitled to the exclusive deluxe room options for Osaka which are priced at the minimum of HKD 10,000 and will only be finalized upon the day of your check-in.

  For the Tokyo ANA Business Class package on the other hand, start at HKD 13, 399 and will also only be finalized on the day of your check-in.

  Breakfast meals are included for both ANA Business Class packages.

  Value for your hard earned money

  Not only do you get return tickets in ANA Business Class but the 3-Days-2-Nights package offerings also come with the luxury hotel inclusions as mentioned earlier. You will be thrilled to know that booking with us at ANA Sky Holiday affords you with so much more than just that.

  The following is the list of the rest of your ANA Business Class package inclusions:

  · private transfer from the Kansai airport to your hotel of choice

  · Assistance with your luggage

  · Fees (fuel, parking, highway)

  · Use of a pocket Wi-Fi device for internet connectivity with an unlimited data allocation

  Simple booking process makes traveling stress-free

  We’ve all been there before, trying to save up on an international trip in any and every way we can only to end up stressing out about how tedious the whole process is. Let’s be real, it takes the joy out of the upcoming trip and as much as we know there are better ways to go about it, we’re scared it will cost us more.

  The thing is, when you book packages, you get better deals and you can’t book packages that will let you customize the details with just any travel agency. It simply can’t be done.

  That is how ANA Sky Holiday is different. Throughout the simple and easy booking process you will have free reign of your arrangements and all will be facilitated through the quick and easy online booking system on our website.

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