Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Promotion Package 2 Days 1 Night

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Promotion Package 2 Days 1 Night

  • 1 Night accommodation
  • Departure period: 10 May 2018 to 30 October 2018 (Blackout date: 14 July 2018 to 26 August 2018)
  • Hotel staying period must be completed by 30 October 2018
  • All applicable taxes and fuel surcharge of air ticket are not included. The total will be around HKD600 / per person (Depends on routing & currency exchange rate)
  • We will send the Tateyama Kurobe Transportation Voucher (original) to your address by courier or post, please provide your mailing address by message box after settled the payment
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Hotel Price List

Hotel Code Hotel Name City Room Type Meal Price HK$
ATKA1801 Hotel Kurobe Unazauki Onsen Room for 4 / Triple / Twin Included 4,799 up
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Itinerary Recommendation

Day Itinerary Recommandation Hotel
Day 1 Riding on the Kurobe Gorge Railway to experience the breathtaking cliffs and amazing natural beauty!

Dentetsu Toyama-(Toyama Chitetsu Train/1hr 45mins)-Unazuki onsen -(Walk/5min)-Unazuki-
-(Kurobe Gorge Railway/ 14:14-15:36)-Keyakidaira (Free Time)-(Kurobe Gorge Railway/16:01-17:16)
-Unazuki- (Walk)-Hotel Kurobe (In Unazuki Onsen)

*Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the train departs at Unazuki Onsen station and Keyakidaira Station, no compensation will be given to late show customers.

Hotel Kurobe
Day 2 Hotel (Unazuki onsen)-Terada (Toyama)-(Train/ard 1 hr)-Tateyama-(Cable Car/7mins)-Bijodaira-(Highland Bus/50mins)-Murodo-(Tunnel Trolley Bus/10mins)-Daikanbo-<Ropeway/7mins>-Kurobedaira-(Cable Car/5mins)-Kurobeko-(Walk/15mins)-Kurobe Dam-(Tunnel Trolley Bus/16mins)
-Ogisawa-(Bus/15mins)-Omachi Onsen*Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route ticket is valid for five days , customers will be self-guided from the second day onwards. (e.g. customers may select accommodation at Midagahara, Murodo area or etc.)

*Flight/train schedule is subject to change without prior notice

Package Price Includes

  • ANA round trip economy class air ticket between Hong Kong and Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya.
  • One night accommodation at Hotel Kurobe with dinner and breakfast
  • Include ticket from Toyama to Unazuki
  • Include round trip Kurobe Gorge Railway regular coach train ticket (Unazuki to Keyakidaira)
  • Include train ticket from Unazuki Onsen to Tateyama (need transit at Terada station)
  • Include Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Transportation (vehicles tickets from Tateyama to Ogisawa)
  • Include Bus ticket from Ogisawa to Omachi Onsen
  • Include baggage delivery service from Hotel Kurobe to the hotels in Omachi Onsen
  • Package price is determined by the first day of check-in at the chosen hotel.
  • Child between 2-11 years old is generally granted HKD700 discount from the package price provided he/she is accompanied by at least 1 full paying adult and stays in the same itinerary.
  • All applicable taxes, Hong Kong Airport Security Charge, peak season surcharge and fuel surcharge of air ticket are not included and will be collected at the time of payment.
  • Travel insurance is not included in the the package price. Please arrange on your own if necessary.


  • Air ticket is valid for 7 days and booking class code: “L”. Validity cannot be extended.
  • Please refer to ANA SKY WEB for ANA Mileage Club mileage accrual.
  • Passengers sharing the same room must have the same itinerary throughout the journey.
  • Special price HKD650 for adding one way domestic sector to any domestic city is not applicable to this package

  • Please arrange the transportation from Airport to Toyama and from Omachi Onsen to Airport by yourself.

Vehicles Tickets Information (Transportation Exchange Points)

  • Exchange the train ticket at Toyama Station (ticket office) (Start from: Toyama Station / End at: Unazuki Onsen Station)
  • Exchange both ways (from Unazuki to Keiyakidaira and from Keyakidaira to Unazuki Kurobe Gorge Railway train tickets at Unazuki Station (ticket office)  (Kurobe Gorge Railway Start from:Unazuki Station End at:Keyakidaira round trip)

    Unazuki<=>Keyakidaira only (No stopover between stations, or tickets be invalid); Please do not bring along your large items to aboard the train, please put your baggage in the hotel before you travel on the train.

  • On the 2nd day, Exchange the train ticket at Unazuki Onsen Station (ticket office) (Start from: Unazuki Onsen / End at: Tateyama Station)
  • Exchange the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route vehicles from Tateyama Station to Ogisawa Station at Tateyama Station (ticket office)

    Please present the 2 vehicles vouchers at Tateyama Station,exchangte the (All Transportations at Kurobe Alpine Route Start from:Tateyama / End at:Kurobeko) and (Kanden Trolleybus Start from: Kurobe Dam / End at: Ogisawa).

    Exchange for the tickets of the following vehicles:

    1. Cable Car (立山Tateyama – 美女平Bijodaira)

    2. Highland Bus* (美女平Bijodaira – 室堂Murodo)

    3. Tunnel Trolley Bus (室堂Murodo – 大観峰Daikanbo)

    4. Ropeway (大観峰Daikanbo – 黒部平Kurobedaira)

    5. Cable Car (黒部平Kurobedaira – 黒部湖Kurobeko)

    6. Trolley Bus (黒部ダムKurobe Dam – 扇沢Ogisawa)
    *During the journey from Bijodaira to Murodo, 1-time-get-off at either Midagahara or Tengudaira is permitted. For seat reservation of next bus
    Please present your voucher to the bus driver when you take the bus from Ogisawa to Omachi Onsen.

  • Please present your voucher to the bus driver when you take the bus from Ogisawa to Omachi Onsen.

Baggage Delivery Service

Passengers are required to transit different kinds of vehicles after entering Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. To facilitate passengers, baggage delivery service from Hotel Kurobe to hotels in Omachi Onsen is provided.
  • Present the baggage coupon (アルペンルート手荷物回送サービス) and inform the pick-up point/date at the front desk of your chosen hotel in Hotel Kurobe

  • Don’t put any valuables, breakables or cash inside your baggage

  • The baggage will be delivered to your chosen hotel in Omachi Onsen at around 4 pm

  • The delivery time of the baggage is subject to traffic/weather conditions and All Nippon Air Service Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any delay, lost or damage of the baggage during delivery.

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