Tokyo・Tokyo Suburbs 3-Days-2-nights Package

Tokyo・Tokyo Suburbs 3-Days-2-nights Package

Tokyo travel 3 day package by ANA - ANA Sky Holiday

Tokyo travel packages of ANA Sky Holiday offer you a superior experience. Enjoy the vividness of the metropolitan and the picturesque scenery with the Tokyo-suburbs 3-day package of flight and accommodation all included.

plan your Tokyo Travel with ANA Sky Holiday today

  You’re finally getting started on planning your Tokyo travel itinerary and we’re glad to be of help! While others are still dreaming of coming to Japan, yours is about to come true so make sure you get the most out of it!

  The unique Tokyo Travel experience

  Travel to Tokyo and be at the center of everything the country is known for when it comes to everything high tech. It is far from the very traditional and historical cities of Kyoto and Nara so don’t expect to spend your days just touring temples and castles.

  Tokyo transforming from day to night is the perfect imagery of the difference between merely existing and truly living.

  The busy city comes alive at night and takes you into a world so distant from the Tokyo that hosts some of Japan’s biggest corporate operations by day.

  As the sun takes its leave, bask in the glow of neon lights that pave the streets at night leading you to the some of the most interesting, unique, and even bizarre shops and establishments.

  If you can’t already tell, when you travel to Tokyo, you’re going to bear witness to how their modern day culture lies on the opposite end of the spectrum from the traditional Japanese culture that movies so often portray.

  So make sure that your Tokyo travel daytime itinerary leaves you with more than enough energy to do some serious exploring come night time.

  9 million people, 9 million possibilities

  Tokyo is home to the largest population in all of Japan with almost 10 million residents. The corporate lives that the Japanese people maintain during the day have laid the foundations for the extreme creativity that the night life in the city overflows with.

  It’s almost unnecessary to come up with a Tokyo travel itinerary because of all the things you can do and see in the city that no blog or website can ever fully cover. Sure, you’ll find animal cafes and restaurants operated by robots. But to have a truly unique Tokyo travel experience, you’re going to have to go off the main streets and into the neon-lit alleys.

  There is no way you won’t find anything that will tingle your senses in a city that’s got everything for everyone! It’s so diverse that people come just to see how the people manage to live so harmoniously despite it all.

  Busy streets and bustling cities excite tourists from all over the world

  Travel to Tokyo and find out what it’s like to be amidst a sea of people all moving in their own direction without causing any chaos whatsoever. It’s near impossible to imagine but unlike the rest of the world, Japanese people are known to be the politest and most courteous people in the world.

  proof of this is in the amazing way human traffic is managed at Shibuya Crossing. At its most congested, up to 3,000 pedestrians make their way through without bumping into anybody. It is so busy and so novel to people who travel to Tokyo that watching pedestrians at Shibuya Crossing has become a tourist activity.

  Book with ease and customize as you please with ANA Sky Holiday

  To make your trip to Tokyo a travel experience you will never forget, we’re giving you the freedom to select your flight details along with the ability to select your preferred accommodation.

  Booking your stay and finalizing your Tokyo travel itinerary can be done in less than 10 simple steps through our website. Find all the information you need and book your trip with convenience and ease!

  • 2 Nights accommodations
  • Departure period: 01 Apr 2019 to 11 Dec 2019 (some of the hotel to 30 Dec 2019)
  • Extra night must be completed by 30 Dec 2019; Hotel staying period must be completed by 31 Dec 2019
  • Free rental of 3G/4G Pocket WiFi (1 device per room)
  • All applicable taxes and fuel surcharge (if any) of air ticket are not included , please contact ANA Sky Holiday for details.
  • Peak Season Surcharge:
    04Apr19 ~ 05Apr19, 01May19, 10May19 ~ 12May19,6Jun19 ~ 7Jun19, 28Jun19 ~ 30Jun19, 28Sep19 ~ 01Oct19, 04Oct19 ~ 06Oct19,30Dec19
    Adult HKD1100 Child HKD830
    18Apr19 ~ 21Apr19, 11Jul19 ~ 26Aug19, 20Dec19 ~ 29Dec19
    Adult HKD1950 Child HKD1470
  • Consecutive stay is required
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Hotel Price List

Hotel Code Hotel Name City Room Type Meal Price HK$
TYO0701 Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu Akasaka Triple / Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,499 up
TYO0222 JR Kyushu Blossom Shinjuku Shinjuku Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,999 up
TYO0213 Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Shinjuku Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 5,199 up
TYO0220 Hotel Gracery Shinjuku Shinjuku Twin / Double Breakfast Included 4,999 up
TYO0204 Shinjuku Prince Hotel Shinjuku Triple / Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,899 up
TYO0210 Hotel Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku Shinjuku Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,599 up
TYO0203 Shinjuku Washington Hotel (Main) Shinjuku Triple / Twin / Double / Semi-Double Breakfast Included 4,399 up
TYO0103 Sunshine City Prince Hotel Ikebukuro Triple / Semi-Double Breakfast Included 4,699 up
TYO0301 Shibuya Tokyu REI Hotel Shibuya Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,899 up
TYO2502 Mitsui Garden Hotel Ueno Ueno Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,899 up
TYO2506 Candeo Hotels Ueno Park Ueno Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,499 up
TYO2505  Agora Place Asakusa Asakusa Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,399 up
TYO2509  Visa Inn Asakusa Asakusa Triple / Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 3,999 up
TYO0504 Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo Ginza Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 5,699 up
TYO0501 Ginza Capital Hotel (Main) Ginza Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,099 up
TYO0908 Yokohama Isesakicho Washington Hotel Yokohama Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 3,999 up
TYO0909 Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel Yokohama Twin / Double / Single Breakfast Included 4,199 up
TYO2101 Karuizawa Prince Hotel West
(Room Type)
Karuizawa Triple / Twin / Double Breakfast Included 4,199 up
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Package Price Includes

  • ANA round trip economy class air ticket between Hong Kong and Tokyo (L-class).
  • Two nights’ accommodation at the chosen hotel with daily breakfast.
  • 3G/4G Portable WiFi (HK Airport Pick Up) for Japan (1 device per room)
  • Package price is determined by the first day of check-in at the chosen hotel.
  • Child between 2-11 years old is generally granted HKD500 discount from the package price provided he/she is accompanied by at least 1 full paying adult and stays in the same itinerary.
  • For additional hotel accommodation, customers may refer to our hotel extra night charge for reference.
  • All applicable taxes, Hong Kong Airport Security Charge, peak season surcharge and fuel surcharge of air ticket are not included and will be collected at the time of payment.
  • Travel insurance is not included in the the package price. Please arrange on your own if necessary.

WiFi Details

  • Free Rental for the package (One WiFi device per Room)
  • Present a printed voucher for device pick up
  • The voucher is only applicable for the package departure date and return date
  • Pick up and drop off location: Hong Kong International Airport service counter: Counter A16,Terminal 1 Arrival Hall (24-hour service daily).
  • Pick Up Process:
    • Present your printed voucher at the Airport Service Counter
    • Pay the HKD1000 deposit per device by credit card
    • Receive the pocket Wi-Fi device and start surfing
    • Midnight flight customers can pick up one day ahead after 8:00pm, no extra fee is required. But if you pick up before 8:00pm, you need to pay extra 1 day rental fee and HK$200 administration fee
  • Return Process:
    • Return the device to the Airport Service Counter
    • Pay for any extra days used
    • If everything is in order, you’ll be refunded the full HKD1000 deposit
    • The counter will charge the rental fee of extra days in original price if it is returned after 11:59pm on the returned date
  • Maximum connected devices: 5
  • Speed: Unlimited for first 1GB data (limit of 256Kbps beyond 1GB)
  • Battery life: Approximately 4-6 hours after full charged.
  • Data: Unlimited data
  • Network carriers: Softbank/KDDI/AU/docomo


  • Return from Osaka or Nagoya to Hong Kong is permitted without charge. (Domestic flight in between is not included in the package)
  • Air ticket is valid for 10 days and booking class code: “L”. Please refer to Value Added Options (Ticket) for extend the air ticket validity to 14 days and adding domestic flight.
  • Please refer to ANA SKY WEB for ANA Mileage Club mileage accrual:
  • Passengers sharing the same room must have the same itinerary throughout the journey.

Value Added Options (Ticket)

  • If “L” class is full, customer can pay a upsell sub-class surcharge as below: (per person, child same price as adult).
    Booking Class One way booking class upsell surcharge / Ticket validity Round trip booking class upsell surcharge / Ticket validity
    L N/A / 10 days N/A / 10 days
    L→W HKD 400 / 10 days HKD 650 / 10 days
    L→V HKD 850 / 10 days HKD 1400 / 14 days
  • Business class can be upgraded for free combination of Hong Kong – Tokyo (Narita) / (Haneda) / Nagoya (Chubu) / Osaka (Kansai) with additional HKD5,500
    (Upgrade is not applicable to NH860/NH859 (Haneda) flights)
    (round trip per person, child same price with adult).
    Not applicable to domestic flights. Air ticket validity: 14days and booking class code: “P-International” & “Y-Domestic”.
  • Passengers can pay HKD650 (per person, child same price as adult) for adding one-way domestic sector to any domestic city.
    A maximum of two domestic sectors is allowed (transit required at Tokyo or Nagoya or Osaka).
    Booking class code: “L-International” & “L-Domestic”, “W-International” & “W-Domestic”, “P-International” & “Y-Domestic”
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